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Waterproofing Your Basement With ArmorThane Polyurea

  It’s quite unpleasant to deal with even just a little dampness in your basement.  When that little leak or dampness becomes a bigger problem, or if your basement is leaking more water than just the little bit from the rain, it’s time for you to act.   However, you don’t have to run right […]

5 Reasons To Fix Your Foundation Now!

  Foundation settlement is a slow, enduring, undaunted process that accumulates compound interest against your property value. If you do not address the underlying issue, I can guarantee you –   The drywall cracks will get much worse   Your sloping floors will slope at even more acute angles   You may have worsening roof leaks from separating trusses   Your sticking doors will […]


Polyurea technology is a type of elastomer used across many industries worldwide as a superior coating system for waterproofing and corrosion protection. In the wastewater industry, existing facilities can be quickly and cost-effectively refurbished with polyurea and new treatment facilities permanently g against hydrogen sulfide attacks. In the paper industry, polyurea and elastomeric coatings are the […]